Good Gilbert

Goodwood, SA

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Good Gilbert is a European inspired neighbourhood bar, with a strong emphasis on a sense of community and accessibility. We don’t do table service, not because we don’t want to promote a finer service, but getting people up to the bar allows a more personal and intimate approach, allowing us to discuss with them what they are looking for, and having close proximity to the kitchen allows our Chef to discuss options with the customer form a food perspective. We constantly try to break down the stigma associated with good food and drink, and are able to do so with engaging with them every time they come to the bar.

Our beverage list comprises comprehensively of both international and local offerings, with a full re-write occurring each week, allowing us to be adaptable and versatile towards what our customers are asking for – enhancing the feel of community and us listening to our customers.

We have adorned all our walls with art from around the world, that is tied towards food and beverage, and showcasing how fun it can be, without any form of pretentiousness to make people feel easy and comfortable in the space.

Speaking of the design, its decked out in soft wood panelling, green leather banquettes, wooden tables and stools with metal bases, soft charcoal tiles cover the front of the bar, and the kick plates around all the seating and bar is reused cork from wine bottles, helping soften the harshness of the cement floor, but also utilising wasted materials so prominent in our industry. behind the art work, is a pastel light green, that touches in with how bright and green Goodwood is as an area, helping tie in the neighbourhood vibes externally and bring them inside. across the front of the venue and the front corner are bifolds that open up the space furthermore, giving it a slight European feel but also allowing fresh breezes on the warmer nights. Outside we have a giant 3sqm bottle of champagne that we commissioned from a local artist painted along the side of the building.


135B Goodwood Road,
Goodwood, SA

Opening Hours


3pm - 11pm


3pm - 12am

Friday and Saturday

12pm - 1am


11am - 9pm

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