GoodFish is a proud member of the Global Seafood Ratings Alliance (GSRA), a collective of 14 member organisations which provide robust assessments of seafood species spanning markets around the world. Through collaboration and continuous improvement this alliance underpins the position of GoodFish as the leading Australian source of independent guidance on sustainable seafood.

About the Global Seafood Ratings Alliance

The GSRA is a collaboration of seafood rating organisations focused on ensuring healthy oceans and freshwater bodies by supporting sustainable production of wild and farmed seafood through evaluating the environmental performance of seafood producers, advancing sustainable seafood issues and promoting sustainable products.

Goals of the Alliance

1. Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Seafood Rating Organizations (SROs)

2. Increase the standing and leverage of SROs within their spheres of influence and globally

3. Work with other SROs to harmonize fisheries and aquaculture environmental sustainability assessments worldwide


GoodFish (Australian Marine Conservation Society), Australia


Seafood Watch (Monterey Bay Aquarium), California, USA


FishChoice, Colarado, USA


Ocean Wise, British Columbia, Canada


The Good Fish Foundation, Netherlands


Marine Conservation Society, United Kingdom


MarViva, Costa Rica, Panama and Columbia


Mr. Goodfish, France


Seafood Legacy, Tokyo Japan


Blue Seafood Guide (Sailors For The Sea), Yokohama, Japan


Best Fish Guide (Forest & Bird), New Zealand


Qingdao Marine Conservation Society, Qingdao, China


International Centre for Marine Conservation (WWF), Germany


Paiche, São Paulo, Brazil