The Restaurants

GoodFish engages food industry professionals as a community in support of sustainable seafood with a collective goal of healthy oceans forever. These businesses believe abundant fish stocks and healthy ecosystems are in all our interests to ensure we can have quality local seafood for generations to come.

GoodFish supports venues to comply to our assessment standards, and exists to develop long-standing relationships between food industry professionals, wholesalers and fishers who all take it upon themselves to improve the state of seafood in Australia.

Businesses work to

  • identify any Red-Listed species they serve as per Australia‚Äôs Sustainable Seafood Guide, and work with GoodFish to find alternatives.
  • develop guidelines for sustainable seafood for their venues and engage regularly with GoodFish and wholesalers around the sustainability of their products.
  • up-skill their teams with the support of GoodFish where required to give them the tools to engage their customers on the topic of sustainable seafood.
  • become empowered as active members of their community, advocate for GoodFish and support its mission.
  • generally support the actions and campaigns of AMCS in its efforts toward achieving healthy oceans forever.