Code of Conduct

Business community conduct

GoodFish, its community and the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) share a vision to see Australia as a world-leader in science based management and conservation of our marine environments. They work collectively to facilitate a sustainable seafood industry by removing unsustainable species from the supply chain, incentivising best-practice fishing and advocating for systemic change.

This Code of Conduct exists for the purpose of achieving ‘healthy oceans forever’ by

  • Supporting sustainable seafood sourcing in the hospitality, retail and seafood industries;
  • Maintaining the credibility and integrity of GoodFish, AMCS and its community in the public;
  • Supporting collective and effective compliance to GoodFish while reducing onerous hurdles;
  • fostering an increased culture of integrity and operational transparency.

All collectively agree to support the best interests of this community by

  • upholding the commitments of signed agreements with GoodFish;
  • asking for, and providing all support where required, including but not limited to training, education, advocacy, marketing, and research;
  • taking a leadership role within their community in transitioning away from unsustainable species;
  • engaging in knowledge sharing across networks to increase a culture of these actions.

The Code of Conduct is supported by collectively accepting to

  • verify individual, and community behaviour through day-to-day operations;
  • act immediately on non-compliance to support collective objectives;
  • engage in a process of verification as required by GoodFish to support the transparency of its actions;
  • undertake positive management of complaints and ongoing instances of non-compliance with GoodFish;
  • accept expert advice from GoodFish in sourcing alternatives where required.

GoodFish and the Australian Marine Conservation Society will protect itself against intentional and systemic undermining of its objectives. False claims and intentional negligence in relation to this Code of Conduct risks increased and ongoing reputational damage to the party and this community.

Failure to consider the expert recommendations of GoodFish risks supporting the profitability and reputation of actors who overfish, push vulnerable and protected species towards extinction,  and cause damage to ocean ecosystems.

This Code of Conduct will be subject to regular comprehensive review as required in order to best support the needs of the environment and its community.