Cerberus Beach House

Black Rock, VIC

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Our aim is to deliver a consistent quality product, locally sourced wherever possible, incorporating a family-friendly atmosphere daytime and early evening, while also being a venue for that special evening occasion or dinner with family of friends with a stunning, unique and captivating view, whatever the weather.

Visit our Kiosk and enjoy our fresh seafood and hidden views. We have a variety of menu items that will please any cravings throughout the day.

Our restaurant serves fresh sea dishes as well as healthy classics throughout the day, starting with awesome lunches through to hearty dinners.


Boat Shed 212 Half Moon Bay,
Black Rock, VIC

Opening Hours

Restaurant: Wednesday - Sunday

Lunch and Dinner

Kiosk: Wednesday - Friday

11am - 6pm

Kiosk: Saturday and Sunday

9am - 6pm

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