Latin name: Argyrosomus japonicus

Common name: Jewfish

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Wild Caught


Key Facts

  • Mulloway is classified as overfished in NSW. While the status of the stock in SA is less definitive, there is concern about habitat reduction due to low Murray River flows, coupled with continued fishing pressure.
  • Haul nets and lines have a low impact on marine habitats.
  • Threatened species interactions are minimal.

More information

  • NSW Estuary General Fishery, Ocean Trap and Line Fishery, Ocean Hauling Fishery (40t 2008-09)
  • SA Lakes and Coorong Fishery (22t 2010-11)

Commercial catches of mulloway are low in both NSW and SA although there is a significant recreational take in both states.

Mulloway is classified as ‘overfished’ in fishery reports from NSW. In SA, fishery reports indicate significant concern over the stock status of mulloway. Low flow in the Murray River has resulted in both decreased fish habitat and population depletion. Fish have aggregated in available refuges, and fishing effort has been targeted towards these refuge areas. The result of these factors is the risk that fishing pressure of a depleted population is currently too high to maintain the population in the long-term. As mulloway is a long-lived species that reproduce late, population depletions are of significant concern. It is unclear what management efforts have been implemented to account for this situation.

Mulloway is caught using a variety of lines and haul nets in coastal waters, which don’t greatly impact marine habitats. Threatened species interactions are also considered minimal due to the geographical area in which the fishery operates.