Grey Mackerel

Latin name: Scomberomorus semifasciatus

Common name: Mackerel

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Key Facts

  • Grey mackerel are a fast growing, pelagic predatory fish caught in commercial and recreational fisheries across tropical and subtropical northern Australia.
  • Grey mackerel populations in Western Australia are poorly understood, but are subject to very low fishing pressure and likely to be in healthy condition.
  • Grey mackerel is caught using a variety of line fishing methods in WA. Because these line fishing methods are highly targeted, impacts on other species and habitats are negligible.

More information

  • WA Mackerel Managed Fishery (9.7t in 2021)

Grey mackerel is a fast-growing pelagic species found throughout tropical northern Australia (as far south as Northern NSW) and Papua New Guinean waters. Commercial fisheries operate in QLD and NT waters. Fishing in WA occurs

Grey mackerel populations are poorly understood, but fishing pressure has been very low over the medium term, and is very unlikely that overfishing is occurring.

Grey mackerel is caught using a variety of line methods, including trolling and handlines. Although there is no independent observer coverage to verify fisher bycatch reports, the likelihood of significant threatened species bycatch is low because of the highly targeted fishing method.

The line fishing methods used make no contact with seafloor habitats.