Australian Herring

Latin name: Arripis georgianus

Common name: Tommy Ruff

  • Under Review

Wild Caught


Key Facts

  • The same stock of Australian herring is caught in WA and SA; this fishery is currently under review as there is evidence that the stock has now recovered from past overfishing

More information

  • SA Marine Scalefish Fishery (96t in 2019)
  • WA West Coast Estuarine Fishery, South Coast Estuarine Fishery, Cockburn Sound (Fish Net) Fishery (65t in 2019)

Australian herring is a species of fish that is endemic to southern Australian waters. There is one stock of Australian herring that breeds in Western Australia, migrates east and then returns to WA waters again to reproduce. The catch of fish in WA used to be predominantly adult fish, whereas the catch in SA is of juvenile fish.

This assessment is currently under review as we consider positive evidence that the stock has recovered from past overfishing.