Working with Retail

We're expanding our work into the retail sector, getting retailers onboard by committing to sustainable seafood.

Since 2019, the GoodFish Project has existed to guide Australian chefs and business owners towards sustainable seafood. This allows them to support responsible fishers and farmers and drive demand away from unsustainable practices. We have more than 100 businesses on board in almost all states and territories.

One question we get asked regularly is where our supporters can go to buy sustainable seafood to cook at home, so we are expanding into the retail sector.

We’ve been working hard to develop the tools to help retail chains and businesses to implement sustainability practices in their seafood procurement chain. We’ll work closely with retailers to guide their sustainable seafood policy and address the following areas: procurement, labelling, traceability, customer awareness and seafood industry engagement and initiatives.

Download our GoodFish Retail guide here!

Sustainable seafood

Our commitment:

  • We’ll support you throughout your sustainable seafood journey and will guide you in the transformation of your seafood business into a truly sustainable operation.
  • We offer expert advice, analysis and guidance on seafood, who is doing what and who’s who in the world of sustainable seafood in Australia.
  • We’ll list and link your business on our website and app with a reach of more than 350,000 people.
  • We’ll advise and support any of your communications developed to increase customer awareness of sustainable seafood and your sustainability journey.
  • We’ll play an active role in developing a more transparent and sustainable seafood supply chain by working with fishers and suppliers who share our values.
  • We’ll help you develop your own guidelines to sourcing sustainable seafood so you can share your commitment with suppliers, staff and customers.

If you would like to find out more, we’ve created our GoodFish Retail guide and if you would like to get involved contact us below.