Join GoodFish

GoodFish, its food community and the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) share a vision to see Australia as a world-leader in science based management and conservation of our marine environments. We work collectively to facilitate a sustainable seafood industry by removing unsustainable species from the supply chain, incentivising best-practice fishing and advocating for systemic change.

The Process

  • Send us your details using the form below.
  • A member of our team will be in touch to better understand your business, its customers and plan a transition away from unsustainable species.
  • We will work together over a period of 3-months to finalise the transition, selecting, sourcing and providing ongoing consultation on sustainable options.
  • We will list your business in our Sustainable Business Directory market you to our national audience of over 250,000 supporters.
  • You can tell Australia that your business supports Healthy Oceans Forever!

Our commitment

Our goal is healthy oceans forever. We believe abundant fish stocks are in
all our interests to ensure we can have quality local seafood for
generations to come. We recognise Australia’s food service industry and
the huge influence it can have on the seafood supply chain. By becoming
a part of the GoodFish Project, industry professionals can use their
influence for good, and make a real difference through their day-to-day
work and impact the way Australians catch and eat our seafood.

  • We answer your calls and emails. We offer expert advice and
    guidance on seafood, who is doing what, and the who’s who in the
    world of sustainable seafood in Australia.
  • We’ll list and link your business on the GoodFish Project website and app.
  • We’ll actively promote you to our supporters, including supporters of AMCS – over 160,000 social media followers, and a database of 120,000 highly supportive environmentally conscious eaters.
  • We’ll play an active role in developing a more transparent and sustainable seafood supply chain by working with fishers and wholesalers who support the goals of the GoodFish Project.
  • We’ll help you to develop your own guidelines to sourcing sustainable seafood so you can share your commitment with suppliers, staff and customers.
  • We’ll review your current menu, so you can celebrate the parts that are sustainable and identify the alternatives where necessary.

Your commitment

  • Engage with the GoodFish Project to identify any Red-listed species
    you serve, and work with us to find alternatives.
  • Develop guidelines for sustainable seafood for your venue and work
    regularly with wholesalers around the sustainability of your products.
  • Commit to supporting seafood labelling so that your customers and
    staff know exactly which fish is on offer, identifying country of origin.
  • Work with your teams to give them the tools to engage your
    customers on the topic of sustainable seafood.
  • Be an advocate for GoodFish, talk about it at industry
    events and become an active member of its community.
  • Generally support the actions and campaigns of AMCS in its actions
    toward Healthy Oceans Forever
  • Commit to removing all Red-listed (Say No) seafood in Australia’s
    Sustainable Seafood Guide within 3 months.


GoodFish is a group environmentally conscious food business leaders looking to support a shift towards Healthy Oceans Forever.