Call for recipe submissions!

To continue to reach our objective of #healthyoceansforever and support our community we are opening opportunities to contribute to our Cook at Home recipe platform.

If you are in the food business and care about the sustainability of our oceans and the health of our marine ecosystems, we want to hear from you.

GoodFish works with our community to achieve a truly sustainable seafood industry that no longer impacts the threatened and endangered species that live in our ocean ecosystems.

To continue this work, we are looking for recipe submissions from our immediate community and chefs, food writers, fishers and anyone else across the industry who share this vision. These will build a database of sustainable seafood recipes available alongside our seafood ratings to help guide the home cook how to best use all those underused, delicious and sustainable species which we love.

We have an abundance of sustainable seafood options available in our oceans and most are delicious and simple to cook at home.

Applicants will be selected on a rolling basis to complete a recipe submission in the form of a written recipe and short film for GoodFish and once selected for publishing will receive a $500 fee for their work. Final submission requirements can be seen here.

To apply

First send and email to Sascha at sascharust at with the following

  • a short introduction to you, who you are, where you work, what you do and why you care about the oceans,
  • include which species of fish you want to showcase, and where it will be sourced from (state, location, wholesaler/fish shop/fisher),
  • a brief explanation of what you will be cooking and,
  • a 1-minute video introduction to you – don’t stress about this, we are just looking for your ability to present on camera.

Applicants will be selected to complete a submission that best meet the following criteria.

Selection criteria

  • Knowledge and integration of GoodFish: Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide and general consciousness of oceans and environment
  • Creative use of a green-listed sustainable species in a manner suitable to the home audience
  • An ability to present clearly on camera naturally and in an engaging way speaking to the home cook
  • Quality of production eg. easy to follow along, appropriate camera angles, lighting, length etc

Preference will be given to those who show commitment to the values of the GoodFish community and the AMCS.

Applicants will be selected on a rolling basis until June 30 2020. If you miss out on this round, keep your eye out for future calls for submission.